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Hood & Garrity Advocates Disability Alliance
since 2014

2060 Wilson Ave. #21

Saint Paul, MN 55119

Phone: 1-844-439-0506



Contact(s): Daniel J Hood

Additional information:

Reason(s) the Group Meets:
Political, Social

Products or Services Offered:
Friendship,Advocacy and social network

Board of Directors:

Receives Support From:

Mission/Vision Statement:
My name is Daniel Hood, I am a self-advocate. I am the founder of Hood & Garrity Advocates Disability Alliance. Hood & Garrity Advocates Disability Alliance (Hood & Garrity) is an non-profit organization intended to provide a online and interpersonal interaction advocacy support system for advocates and self-advocacy groups where individuals and groups,family, friends and support can interact online and in person to gather, mingle, meet new friends and participate in normal activities. People with disabilities have strong family values. People with disabilites want to find a life partner, get married - for life, have children, and have a family, just like everyone else. I credit Miss Mary Nixon, who was my teacher. She taught me and many other students with disabilites reading, writing, math and communication skills. My gratitude and appreciation of Miss Mary Nixon for the education she gave me is great. I am dedicating Hood & Garrity to the memory of Miss Mary Nixon for everything she did for me and other students. She inspired me to become a self-advocate. Hood & Garrity is not a day treatment program, it's not a sheltered workshop. My goal is to build a community of volunteer members to build self-confidence and inspire independence in all aspects of life in each other and individually. Hood & Garrity is an ALL INCLUSIVE community open to everyone, regardless of disability. All members will benefit from being a part of the Hood & Garrity community. Thank you for reading my dream, I hope I have inspired you to become a member of Hood & Garrity Advocates Disability Alliance. Right now I need not only members, but primarily sponsors. My goal is to have the Hood & Garrity organization fully operational with in five years.

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